• ATENOR planted 2020 trees in Budapest


    ATENOR planted 2020 trees in Budapest

    In addition to implementing its real estate developments in the spirit of sustainability and environmental awareness, ATENOR is once again proving that it attaches great importance to social responsibility. The symbolic tree planting took place at the end of September in Nagyrét, Hűvösvölgy.

    ’Acting for Cities’ is ATENOR's motto, which goes far beyond developing real estate projects that meet the needs and desires of citizens and also contributes to make the cities more attractive and more pleasant to live in terms of both sustainability and environmental awareness. ATENOR has launched a number of initiatives that include social responsibility actions. In Hungary, for example, ATENOR is the first to design its office buildings according to Access4you's criteria in order to make the buildings and their surroundings accessible in all respects. Also within the framework of the corporate social responsibility program, it launched the ’Art for Cities’ travel exhibition last year, which provides an insight into the life of the cities where ATENOR is present through street art – the exhibition presenting the photos of Benoit Feron was stationed in Budapest in January.

    ’Acting for the Future’ is ATENOR’s environmental protection project this year, that aims at planting 2020 trees in 2020 in all 9 European countries where it is present. This initiative pragmatically expresses ATENOR's commitment to cities and a sustainable future - thereby tackling climate change, improving air quality and contributing to the restoration of Europe's indigenous forests. Belgium, Poland and Romania have already planted their own 2020 trees during the year, and now the Hungarian team of ATENOR is proud to say the same.

    ATENOR, together with Pilis Park Forestry Company, planted 2020 saplings from its own financing in Budakeszi forest in District XII, on the western side of János Hill. Given the protected nature of the area, indigenous mixed tree species suitable for the land area are planted, such as maples, lindens, wild pear, crab apple, cherry, rowans, etc.

    ’The aim and professional mission of Pilis Park Forestry Company is to create and maintain forests of high ecological value that are resistant to the negative effects of climate change and provide climate protection functions for people,’ said István Rittling, head of the Budapest Forestry of Pilis Park Forestry. All this is especially true in and around the capital, and achieving this goal often requires cooperation. That's why it was a pleasure for us to work with ATENOR,’ he added.

    ’ATENOR aims to create the city of tomorrow that is much more resilient, efficient and liveable. Taken into consideration the challenges of the future, this can only be achieved in a green and sustainable way, and forests have a key role in this. The 2020 planted trees absorb a total of 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, thus ATENOR contributes to building a more sustainable future,’ said Zoltán Borbély, Country Director of ATENOR Hungary.

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