Leasable Offices


Sustainable, green solutions

  • District heating – no local air pollution and no emissions
  • High quality thermal & acoustic insulation
  • Mechanical equipment  with less noise pollution with night switch
  • Low water consumptions sanitary units
  • Utilization of grey water for toilets
  • Collection of rainwater for irrigation
  • Recovery of enthalpy from the ventilation system
  • Spare capacity within the cooling & ventilation systems
  • Condensing heat recovery from cooling system
  • Optimized building management system (BMS)
  • Optimized usage of natural light – the maximum distance from the window is 7m
  • Usage of energy-saving lighting fixtures, presence sensors
  • Usage of free cooling system
  • Selective waste collection and disposal
  • Bicycle storages & shower- changing rooms

Excellent quality of technical specifications

  • Turnkey office fit-out
  • Openable windows controlled by BMS system
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Full access raised floor, 12 cm
  • Chilled beam cooling system with integrated UV-C filtration system controlled by BMS
  • Radiator heating
  • Liquid chiller
  • 50 m3/h/workstation cleaned fresh air supply
  • BMS-controlled dimmable office lighting
  • 2.7 m clear internal light
  • Standard kitchen and water blocks
  • Double electric feed
  • Diesel Generator for tenants


Total gross area
Available area
3rd floor
3304 sq m3304 sq m
2nd floor
4125 sq m4125 sq m
1st floor
4337 sq m4337 sq m
Ground Floor (retail)
3737 sq m3737 sq m


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